Wednesday, October 15, 2008

high five for top five

War Torn Landscape: The Green Line in Nicosia, Cyprus

i entered a photo contest that the local branch of peace frogs put on. contestants were allowed one photo for each of three categories: landscape, people and landmark. i'd never entered a photo contest before, but thought, why not? i didn't win or anything, but i did receive notice that my landscape photo (above) placed in the top five. isn't that kinda groovy? i've been told it will be displayed in the shop, and possibly in an upcoming newsletter. yay!

there is a blurb about the green line here. my photo was taken in an area that was once the most bustling of marketplaces. tashi was a little freaked out when i took the photo, as you are not supposed to bring out cameras along the green line. but my little tiny fuji was easy to stick between some sand bags for a quick shot.


grokked said...

Hardly the kind of photo one would expect a travel shop to pick in a landscape category, or any other, so well done to them for picking a non-glam image for praise, and of course you for having taken the photo in the first place, as also for entering it into a competition!

bitter betty said...

That is very cool news for a very cool photo.

Molly said...

Congratulations, Zoe! A fitting award for a great photo.