Saturday, October 25, 2008

moving chronicles: day 1

yesterday was our first day of moving. dan and i made several journeys up to the new house in our respective cars, packed with boxes. we managed to put a good dent in the transfer of boxes. but today, as it pours down rain, we are renting the uhaul and taking the big stuff. don't worry, i haven't been lifting.

when we pulled into our new driveway, we were greeted by a camellia bush in full bloom. so pretty.

here is dan in the entry foyer. dig the chandelier. not really our style, but we'll take it!

here are a couple of features i like:

the little balcony off our bedroom. can't wait to sit out there reading a book while sipping my morning coffee. decaf that is.

the woodstove of course. i'm so relieved it has little windows, so you can actually see the flames within:

this cabinet is in the entry foyer. a great bonus is that the house has huge closets, crawl spaces, cabinets and shelves everywhere. storage space has been such an issue in the blue house. see dan in the kitchen setting stuff on the long counter? and by his legs, a long row of cabinets. bliss.

this is one part of the living room. i love the wood floors, the large windows, the built in bookshelves. looks like one needs to be adjusted, there on the right. . .

tashi really liked this little nook, between the living room and a strange room off of the garage. i guess it's a mud room, but i intend on turning it into our sewing/craft room.

tashi is thrilled with her bedroom. especially with the presence of snoopy in it:

the jacuzzi amuses me. i sure hope it works!

one of the reasons we wanted to move was because our rent in town was being raised, and we just didn't think the blue house was worth the amount, what with its shifting foundation, variety of electrical issues, broken sump pump and absentee landlord.

the house we are moving to is the same exact rent our landlord wanted to raise the blue house to. a spacious abode, on two and a half acres of trees and flowering shrubs. i think it's a pretty good score.

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Lori said...

it looks beautiful - congratulations! (and you know that snoopy is a really good omen. :^)