Thursday, October 23, 2008

snoozing & dreaming & craving

last night i had a most unusual dream. i was wandering around a huge hippie artisan festival, something like the oregon country fair. i came to a booth where pickles, olives and sliced beets were being sold, all marinated in thc rich hemp oil. i really wanted to buy some, but couldn't bring myself to spend $20 on a tiny container. the olives were selling at $3 each. i thought about buying one each for dan and i, but still couldn't bring myself to spend $6 on two olives. so i considered buying myself one, just to see what would happen when i ate a thc marinated olive.

i guess i was pregnant in the dream. maybe i thought it might help with morning sickness? i woke before i'd made a decision.

i have had more aversions than cravings with this pregnancy. unfortunately i've had some difficulty eating the really good stuff: leafy greens. if anything, i've craved comfort food. potatoes. avgolemono soup. toasty bagles. the only really weird * i must have this now * craving i've had was for apple turn overs. dan ran out at 11pm one night to buy pepperidge farm frozen apple turn overs, because i woke up from a nap and needed an apple turn over right away. in a pinch, the pepperidge farm variety satisfied. dan is my hero.

waking from a nap at 11pm, you ask? for a while a couldn't help myself but fall asleep by 8pm. this usually meant that i would wake up by 3 or 4 in the morning, which just isn't ok in my world. so i got into a pattern of sleeping from 8 to 11pm -- waking up to watch david letterman during the best of his mccain jokes -- and then going back to sleep until a more sane 6am.

i'm managing to stay up until about 10 now. sometimes even 10:30.

ok. back to packing. tomorrow the move begins!


David E. said...

Good on Dan for being the purrfect gentleman over the apple turnovers, and glad to know you will have 'the boys' in to help you with the move this weekend. One presumes the broadband connection is already on there, so we will still have no interruption to your frequent reports next week!

patrice said...

so glad you are sharing your baby with us. i love hearing the dream, cravings, sweet support.