Friday, January 30, 2009

killing time with tea

two posts in one day might indicate that i'm killing time. tashi has an unexpected sleep over (after hanging out with her friend for the day), which means dan and i get to have an unexpected date. since i'm downtown already, it's hard to resist the option of seeing a film in an actual cinema, something i haven't done in ages. it looks like slumdog millionaire wins.

but dan is presently at a lecture, so i'm killing time drinking "femme tea" at twisted branch, before possibly indulging in some sort of dinner. i thought i would take this opportunity with photo booth to show you the lovely necklace my friend laura made for me. unfortunately photo booth doesn't do it justice.

it is the necklace with four little green leaves and a funky little centerpiece, in copper browns and lime greens. i am wearing a second necklace, just a strand of beads that are an uncanny match in color. thank you laura, for the handmade love.

and so i will sign off now, and take in the twisted branch atmosphere, a softly lit lair of leafy teas, fruity hookahs and vegetarian delights.

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