Thursday, July 14, 2005


it has been so humid lately that a thick mist hovers above the earth and between the trees. i'm waiting for the wailing thunder storm to release us from this stew.

between one place and another i anticipate stress. accumulations rise up and mock my materialism. cats cages crates conveniences cud. tonight i will dance and bleed.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

cicada gotta

we went to a family friendly hippy festival!

we camped, we danced, we swam, we smoked.

there were two stages and three days full of many bands. there were vendors and falafels (with a pickle, baby) and batiks and lemonaid.

my favorite bands were sound tribe sector 9, wookie foot (even though i only heard them from our campsite), the recipe and david grisman.

there was a spring fed quarry w/ an island in the middle. there were lots of trees w/ poison ivy snaking up their trunks. the fireworks were awesome. the skydivers were pretty good too.

it was somewhat a parallel universe. can't really believe we were there or that it happened at all. truly a vale of eveningfog.

while david grisman jammed like crazy, a cicada molted on my friends backpack. really. we noticed suddenly there was this dirty rubbery cicada shell stuck to her bag and then it split and this green luminescent critter emerged slowly. it's wings unfolded and it glowed, fragile and intricate. absolutely amazing. it crawled up my arm and i set it free on a tree branch. it said thank you with its beady black eyes.