Tuesday, December 02, 2014


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music monday

it's december. the last month of the year. sensing a call to step into this month with more intention. so easy to slip into auto pilot these busy days. so easy to speed past all the details. there is the destination, but the landscape of the journey makes the story. so many details in that landscape.

this evening i found myself reflecting on a musical year. every year brings new music into my life and as this year approaches its close i find myself thinking about its soundtrack. details in the landscape of 2014.

on december mondays i hope to share some of my favorite music from this past year.

lately i have been enjoying j mascis newest album, "tied to a star." i love it that so many musicians of my generation continue to be powerful and passionate. i feel less old when the rock programming of the local university station is playing the work of musicians my age! i once saw a very loud dinosaur jr in a seattle tavern and am loving the new contrast to that memory in mascis solo career. as aptly stated in a rolling stone article, "mascis is now as skilled at quiet as he is with loud." 

one evening i was in twisted branch tea bazaar, beloved local chill zone, when i heard  sharon van etten for the first time. thus a new obsession was born. she can trill snark in the sweetest of tones! i saw her perform at the jefferson in october and was definitely one of the top shows of the year. her live voice is incredibly mesmerizing and she sure can hold a note. 

another awesome show i caught at the jefferson was  phosphorescent, a singer who has had me under his spell for some time. i'm a sucker for troubadours of jaded lyrics, psychedelic reverb, and sparkling cowboy boots. his latest album, muchacho, is definitely a master work of songwriting.

sorry for the brevity, but i started this post a bit too late in the night! more favorites to come next monday!