Monday, November 30, 2015

In and Out of the Woods

Sadly, it's been almost five months since I last posted here. 

So I thought, tonight — yes, tonight — I will share some photos from our walk with Skye earlier.

They are not great photos, snapped with my now outdated cell phone. But a little bit of something from our world, to share with you, after a too long absence.

This afternoon Tashi took Tristan to see the Peanuts movie, a sweet outing for an older and younger sibling. And while they were gone Dan and I went bush whacking, following our little creek as far as we could manage, before dusk started to settle in. 

Dangling above a deep(ish) pool

Skye is onto something in that hole

Sweet and Stubborn

She scrambled up the embankment and liked it so much up there, refused to come back down

Until she heard movement 

And was ready to continue the romp

Fungus spotting in our woods


And more variety

Ever onward through the brush and bramble

Mama's best friends!

I somehow can't resist talking to my dog with an irritating high pitched voice of affection

A walk in our woods is such an accessible journey into the primeval world

A satisfying metaphor for the ups and downs of daily life

Back home, the kids returned from their movie

We ate dinner around the wood stove in a final salute to our extended Thanksgiving holiday