Tuesday, April 01, 2014

march away

it has been more than a month since i last filled this space! 
alas, the days have too few hours. 
life has been full. in the best possible ways.
the blog has not been the repository for quiet reflection.
i do miss it so.

so i am here, late. too late. to share what has passed.

on a first friday in march, there were robins all over the lawn 
of the mcguffey art center. dozens of robins. 
i have never seen so many red breasted birds hopping around one property.

and then we were blasted with a significant snow storm. 
not the first of the season. and not the last.

so it snowed. and snowed again.

 it snowed so often this winter, by the last storm people stopped panicking. 
the snow fell in big flakes and we all carried on. 

my mother said, reflecting on her first virginia winter, 
"if it's like this every winter, i'll be glad." i think i agree!

so the last storm came. followed by a sunset that said, "spring!"

and then something really big happened. . .

my rough and tumble joy to the world

had a birthday

this beautiful, energetic, brilliant, sassy, snuggly, giggly boy of ours turned five. 


he is a gift.

the month of march, as much as anything, was about leading our lives around 
the sweeney todd rehearsal schedule. 

i am so impressed with the director's courage and drive.
and i'm  blown away by the young talent.

and we are always completely smitten with our girl, 
who, whether in a major or minor role, 
is a warm glow of awesomeness where ever she stands.

 ah yes, march has been a month of developments and accomplishments. 
it's been a time of returning, a time of launching. 
it has most certainly been a time of reflection and inspiration.

and connection. 
to friends. colleagues. kids. land. my loves.

in with april

out with march

spring has arrived!