Friday, July 08, 2011

into july

i don't have a lot of time to formulate words between the screams of a toddler. but here are some more summer images.

playdates with little friends

first flight for a short summer trip

lake michigan, dan's native shore

tashi attended a theater summer camp in milwaukee while staying with family. we saw their last day presentations. improv. shakespeare. musical theater. and lots of technique games.

it was lovely to see tashi bond with her older cousin who is off to college in a couple of months.

spring lake has become one of my favorite places to be when visiting dan's family in wisconsin.

keeping cool

staying silly

patriotic pyrotechnics

parties with music, children, food and friends

and then back home, to fresh blackberries growing on our road, transformed into shortbread. truly delicious and oh so sweet!

here's hoping your summer is truly delicious and oh so sweet!