Saturday, April 28, 2012

big boy birthday

we had a birthday around here recently. i made dan this favorite chocolate mocha cake. we're still indulging in it.
dan opened a pile of gifts, including the rocky and bullwinkle video collection that i found for him at a thrift store. he often quotes the show, so i thought he'd get a kick out of it. he and tashi are watching right now as tristan naps. tashi and i also picked up george harrison: living in the material world for him. we are all enjoying flipping through it.
and then there are the mic stands that arrived in a big long box. he and tristan had a lot of fun with them this morning.
it's pretty sweet watching a father and son jam.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

community playgroups

i'm so thrilled to be living in a community with an abundance of amazing mamas. i feel blessed by the connections formed, and emerging from these connections, regular playgroups. i have been meeting fairly consistently with a group of mamas and babes and tuesdays and fridays. we are still finding our rhythm, but it's beginning to emerge, organically.

and on thursdays tristan and i meet with a waldorf based playgroup lead by a former waldorf teacher. we gather in a special spot by the rivanna river and spend a very lovely 90 minutes together.

for all of us, a breath of fresh air. building stronger connections with each other, the earth and our children. a beam of light, a splash of water, a story, a stone. exploring the magic together.

inside outside

gosh. my computer seems to have finally found its end. it has been having fan troubles for almost a year. the other day it hit the floor (long story) and that seems to have been the last straw. i plan to have it looked at, in the dim hope that there is a simple fix. but i can't even make software updates because the operating system is six years old. right now when i turn it on there is nothing but endless grey screen.

in the mean time tashi is graciously allowing me to use her computer. and so it goes.

i'm very dependent on my computer, not only for information and connection, but as a creative tool. i compose poetry on my computer. i blog on my computer. i download, edit and share my photographs on my computer. without it, i feel boxed in.

but luckily my family understands and is willing to share, until what ever time i can manage to fix the old one, or obtain a new one.

and perhaps it is a message. when we are home i come and go from the computer way too often. it's time to go out and play!

Monday, April 23, 2012

bear with me

i've finally bit the bullet and updated my blog to the new blogger format. all my sidebar links are gone, but for a few i've added back in. i will slowly continue that process. and right now it is not at all looking the way i'd like it to look, but i'll work on that too. in the mean time, here are some pics of a few folks from my daughter's waldorf school 8th grade class, busking on the downtown mall as a fund raiser. they are awesome!


Friday, April 20, 2012

dark clouds of spring

seasons as life cycle

spring's virility, summer's radiance,
autumn's last breath, winter's gestation

life cycle within the season

brutal vernal constant
of vigor and deterioration