Thursday, February 04, 2016

winter runs off

one of the benefits of having a dog is that she forces you outside. 

even on damp and gloomy days when you would prefer to sit under a blanket 
with a steaming beverage, the dog must evacuate. 

so you go bravely into the great grey melt down.

the sound of running water fills our woodsy hamlet. water raining down, dripping from trees, rushing in streams that are usually silent and dry.

our creek is generally naught but a trickle with a few stagnant pools. 

today it is a tumbling drunk choir, adorned in stunning little waterfalls, 
a bold brook rather than a shy stream. tributaries are swollen with purpose, 
mountain quartz flirting through rivulets and moss.

imbolg entered in a moody shroud of rain water, holding her flaming torch high, 
melting the snows, shedding light on an impending season, 
and offering a bright promise of regeneration.