Monday, October 31, 2011

pumpkin daydream

pumpkin moonshine

may the way be well lit


cooked by friends

shared with us


creamy sausage kale soup

tomato soup (cooked with a wee bit a sherry, oh!)

more song, more song! tristan requested

but we were too busy eating *amazing* soup

thanks friends :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

weekend update while feeling down

i am unwell with autumnal malaise, so have few words to share. but here are some photos from my weekend.

saturday morning at the charlottesville city market

after two and a half years of co-sleeping, tristan slept in his big boy bed for the first time this weekend. he ended up back in bed with us in the morning, but really, that is the best of both worlds!

we visited adventure farm again. it's so easy, five minutes down the road!

and a few bright moments in our own yard.

wishing you well as we move toward the great celebration of samhain. don't forget to take those immuno boosters!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

adventure farm

we live about 15 miles out of town and while it has its inconveniences, the drive is always stunning. every day we pass by a particular parcel of idyllic farm property: rolling meadows, ponds, cows scattered among the copse, dancing oak trees, verdant pastures. the place has remained a mystery until this weekend when adventure farm opened its gates for a fall festival. we ran into people we knew, scratched a calf between the ears, ate chili made from the free range grass fed cows that roam the land, lolled about on hay bales while sweet banjo notes filled the air, picked a couple of pumpkins and marveled at the view of the beloved blue ridge.

it was gratifying to have a pumpkin patch so close to home on such amazing property. and it was fun to spend a beautiful afternoon in a beautiful place. adventure farm is open every weekend in october and i urge the local folks to go and check it out!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

autumn light

greetings on a grey tuesday. we are soon going to meet some friends for a hike, but i thought i'd try to squeeze in a blog entry while tristan is eating his steel cut oats and intermittently playing.

what a sublime autumn weekend it was. i started out saturday selling my handsewn baby items at the downtown farmer's market. tashi had two soccer games in a row. and the weekend did not pass without a bonfire and dinner at our friends' home.

it was my first time vending at the downtown market and i really enjoyed it. i did pretty well for an overall slow day at the market (there were a few big festivals and fairs this past weekend). and i loved being there, arriving in the dark early morning and setting up to the murmur of many people preparing for the day, clutching a warm cup of coffee while the sun rose, talking to my neighbors -- a very sweet african american baker and an equally sweet flower gardener/dry arrangement creator. on one side of me were muffins and pies and ham biscuits, and on the other the most stunning dahlias and sunflower swags. across the way there was pumpkins, pottery and a rainbow of produce.

i designed a trifold changing pad and sewed up four of them, selling three. i have some fabrics that have been passed down to me that i don't love enough for blankets or aprons, but i think they work nicely for changing pads. these have corduroy on one side, cotton quilt batting in the center and a bright jungle cotton print on the front. i made two with ribbon ties and two with elastic. i think the elastic is the most practical.

i'm looking forward to creating more things and setting up at market regularly this fall. i'm hoping for that anyway, as i am a sub at the market and don't have reserved space.

time to get ready for our hike. i leave you with a few more scenes from our weekend.