Thursday, October 16, 2014

Festy Festivities

in a stroke of radio-ticket-give-away luck, dan and i won passes to the saturday festy
we purchased a pass for tashi (tristan was free) and on a cool, rainy, gray saturday, 
we headed toward some inner sunshine. destination: one hour south.

i loved how contained it was, so family friendly and manageable. 
the all day fire pit was a great feature.

two stages, music switching between them, great stuff throughout. 
one of my favorites was the shook twins

tristan was inspired by the wall climbers. 

and gave it a try himself. several times over.

such a stunning setting, the blue ridge mountains. 

with bubbles 

these guys were fantastic: noam pikelny & stuart duncan

paper bird on the southern stage was magical. 

i was way in the back hanging out with tristan among the refurbished pallets, 
and then in the kids area, but the sound was great everywhere.

tristan was having fun, but put on his sad face as soon as i aimed the camera at him.

next up on the main stage, anders osborne.

twilight set in while i waited for my harvest wrap from the South Fork Food Truck
it sure was tasty. 

and then the infamous string dusters kicked in and tashi and i hula hooped for hours. 
hula hooping with one's teenage daughter is a peak parenting experience, i must say.

we drove home in the dark, damp night, the light inside a little brighter.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Secret Reading Series 7 (and an outtake)

Secret Reading Series   :::   Nightshift 7

I love music and seeing musicians perform. I admire those that can deliver their words thus. 

Sometimes when I write a poem that I'm satisfied with I want to run out and read it at an open mic. Even though I nearly die whenever I have to speak out loud in front of a group of people.

In cities past I used to run out and read freshly written poems. Open mics often satisfied that inspired longing to share the words, whether with strangers, or community. Reading in front of people broke the isolation. It made me feel more rock & roll. 

So as a way of meeting that urge now, I bring you the Secret Reading Series. 

Secret Reading Series 7 from Zoe Krylova on Vimeo.

And an outtake!

Outtake: Secret Reading Series 7 from Zoe Krylova on Vimeo.

Monday, October 06, 2014

fall fiber festival and montpelier sheep dog trials

i've been hearing about the fall fiber festival for years and we finally managed to 
make our way there this past weekend. 

what a paradise of wooly animals, knitting supplies, colorful yarns, and border collies! 

there was an informal picnic gathering of tristan's waldorf kindergarten, so we enjoyed some noms while watching the very entertaining herding dogs do what they love most. 

this is our border collie:

this is someone else's:

it was a beautiful autumn day full of family, friends, and fibers!

and tashi drove the whole 28 miles home from the festival. my heart stopped only twice. 
once out of nervousness and another time because my girl is so grown up!