Tuesday, August 30, 2005

two cats and their people

i am in the mudhouse cafe on charlottesville's main street and most likely parked illegally. so this is gonna be brief.

we made it!

prior to our departure uhaul called us and said, "we don't have a 17 ft truck in the lot, so we'll give you a 26 ft one for the same price."

it's a good thing, because that baby was packed full.

thanks to the many lovely helpers who came to our aid in packing the truck, we could have never done it alone. especially since i was suffering from flu symptoms and could do basically nothing but putter around the house in a daze, dropping the last loose items in boxes.

i think dan should quit his cool new job and become a truck driver. he drove over only two curbs the whole trip. our stuff made it to charlottesville unscathed, but for the few items that were affected by the bottle of bleach that burst.

the cats were amazing for the most part. it is unfortunate that loki urinated all over himself, luna and the cage just 30 minutes into the journey, but otherwise they were seemingly calm and quiet. about 12 hours into the trip they started to meow plaintively, but i think they were just hungry for their dinner. it took us 14 long hours to reach charlottesville! tashi was also an excellent road warrior.

our house is full of boxes upon which the cats perch. the set up process is going to be slow, as i am completely exhausted and can't seem to get much accomplished in this steamy weather.

and hey, what's with the spam in the comment boxes? i'll have to do something about that.

tashi just made a drawing of a girl. the girl's name is mhmaycoowyvyhh. oh, she changed her mind and named her thish.

and now i must run, as i don't want a parking ticket.

(more frequent postings ahead, when we actually have connectivity at home)

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