Friday, January 27, 2006

tell google "don't be evil!"

this shocking news just in:

Tibetans and supporters were outraged this week at Google's
decision to join hands with the Chinese Government in its
propaganda efforts. Google has launched a web search engine
custom-built to the Chinese authorities' specifications that
blocks access to information about Tibet, human rights, and
other topics sensitive to Beijing.

Tell Google how you feel about its part in spreading Chinese
government propaganda and repressing free access to truthful
information on the internet. You can take action on this alert by clicking here.

We encourage you to take action by February 24, 2006

Tell Google "Don't Be Evil!"

Please visit the SFT blog, Tibet Will Be Free, to see news coverage of
SFT's actions and to find out more about how Google is actively
blocking people in Tibet and China from finding true


Justin said...

here's something else interesting about google

and here's how they do it and how to disable it

Tenjay said...

Why west people always has such extreme and presuming view to China?
Why will Tibet be free?
Only by the view from the fact that you are west people?
West countries became advanced and democratic society by OUTTRGEOUS predatory accumulation from poor contries. Now they are coming back to teach these poor countires what is right and what's wrong without any regret, self-refelction and apology. How absurb! Every nation has it's history, policy and mistake. Why only attack no harmonius? Only non-based blaming, no responsible research!