Sunday, August 13, 2006

week end cap

hello babes in blogland. it is sunday night and the laundry is in full swing. dan just cleaned the catbox and is now studying chinese. tashi is finishing up a chapter in the fourth harry potter book before showering. my mother is doing the dishes because she insists it is so. luna and loki are having their last outdoor romp of the day. for dinner we ate a free range grain fed chicken cooked in our little baby rotisserie. along with it we had tasty tabbouleh, baked potatoes and corn. today i went grocery shopping, wrote poetry, played at mad libs with tashi, puttered around the house and cooked. that is the sunday update.

yesterday we went to washington, dc, which is mere two hour drive north east. we went because my mother wanted to go to the anti-war march (pictured above). there certainly could be worse things to do with one's mother. dan and tashi went to the national zoo while mom and i joined in the crowd of 30,000 and chanted, "iraq, lebanon, palestine! occupation is a crime!" it was a very upbeat demonstration and i'm glad we attended. the sign i carried said, "president bush, quit the killing of innocent children!"

we met dan and tashi at kramer books and afterwords cafe near dupont circle. it was happy hour and i drank two very dark turbo dogs. we then drove off to georgetown where there were lots and lots of yuppies and expensive restaurants. we ate at a lebanese restuarant called fetoosh. i didn't order the right thing, but dan's kebabs and tashi's kibbees and my mom's gyro were quite tasty.

we arrived home just in time for a saturday night live re-run. i promptly fell asleep on the couch and got a kink in my neck.

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Otiscodisco said...

The last time I attended a protest in D.C. was in 1989. A situation arose that I am sure happens all the time at the capitol: there was more than one protest. Being a newbie, I didn't realize there could be more than one, and my friend and I began walking along with folks carrying signs in Spanish - folks of many mother tongues might protest Bush, right? Turns out that this march intersected the march we had planned to attend, and we jumped ship to the second. We later found out we were marching in a march for communists protesting on behalf of Cuba. 6 of one, half dozen of another.