Saturday, July 03, 2010


i've been so inspired by farmama. i'm amazed at all that she manages to accomplish: keeping a farm, mothering four busy children, homeschooling, refurbishing her home, cooking the freshest of foods and sewing the most beautiful garments. she recently made some traveling pants for her boys that are to die for. today i opted for the more familiar trousers from a t-shirt method that soulemama has given instructions for her in her fantastic book, the creative family. i made a pair of short pants for tristan.

i would like to use a similar method on some linen or hemp and add cool contrasting fabrics for cuffs and pockets. that may have to wait until after our vacation, however.

for myself, i finally turned a too small dress (that i've had for ages) into a skirt that fits. i found a lovely billowy linen sea green cp shades dress at a thrift store a few years ago, and though i knew it was too small around the chest, picked it up for a couple of bucks hoping i could do something with it. and so now it is a skirt, and i'm so pleased.

since i've started my little bib & blanket enterprise i haven't been sewing very much for our personal use. i miss that and need to work it back in, somehow! some things on the list include:

table cloth
place mats & napkins
picnic quilt
a skirt for tashi
more cozy trousers for both tristan & tashi
curtain for my sewing room
and some day, i will work up the courage to make some clothing for myself. some day.

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