Thursday, September 02, 2010


today i pulled tashi's old play kitchen in from the garage. it felt good to dust it off and find a place for it, once again. tristan seemed quite pleased, and kept saying, cool! cool! cool! unfortunately the little blue ceramic tea pot didn't survive the afternoon. i will have to find some wooden or metal kitchenware for him. tristan of course loved it that there were some knobs to twirl. i can't seem to keep him away from the oven knobs, so perhaps this will become a diversion. a mom can only hope!

i love it when these two interact joyfully. here is tashi making tristan crack up by trying out his shades.

and here is tristan, tackling tashi.

i suspect there will be a lot more of that ahead!


Mediterranean Views said...

Hello Zoe,
I haven't commented in a long time, but I read your blog often, it fills me with a sense of peace and tranquility, I love the way you approach your life.
A funny thing happened this morning, I was chatting to a Facebook friend from high school that lives in Charlottesville and I mentioned you and your blog, and he says he knows you: Richard Cooper an actor there in Charlottesville, says he has met you at different events and parties.
Interesting connection...perhaps proves the 5 removed (or whatever it is called) theory.
Stay well and know I enjoy your writings and photos from Spain,

zoe krylova said...

Hi Amy,

So nice to hear from you. Hmmm, Richard Cooper? The name does not ring a bell. I have met an actor named Rae at some gatherings. Does your friend go by another name? I am also * terrible * with names, so may be forgetting. There is another Zoe in Charlottesville (well, more than one I'm sure!). . . But that you know anyone here in this small town is a coincidence in itself!

Mediterranean Views said...

Ok - I hate using this description, but it perhaps helps, he is black, very good looking, over 6ft tall. Was married to a white scandanavian woman and has 3 little kids with her.