Wednesday, April 27, 2011

easter hike

on easter sunday we had to drive to dulles airport to pick up tashi. she spent nine days in belize with two of her aunts, her uncle and two cousins! this was a first for all of us. as you can imagine, we were pretty excited to pick her up. she wasn't due back until nighttime, so we made the most of the drive, enjoying the rappahannock valley, and stopping off at white oak canyon in the shenandoah wilderness for hike. it was quite lovely there. i look forward to exploring it some more.

tashi's flight was a couple of hours late. we were so thrilled to see her on the other side of customs at last. she filled our ears with great stories on the drive home. we are still studying the photos and hearing tidbits of her adventures. we're proud of her and feel fortunate that she was offered such an amazing travel opportunity.

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