Monday, May 30, 2011

a week of living

this past week. . .

i planted some seedlings in the shade-garden-in-progress, and worked on making a path for the toddler to tramp on

i potted a few flowers

it's amazing how much magic a few whimsical flowers (and a couple of cool kids) can bring to a deck

this past week. . .

i managed to spend a few hours alone with dan, drinking some wine and having a picnic at a lovely nearby winery

i had the opportunity to support some dear friends while they labored on their land (really, i just hung around and took photos while they did an awesome job together)

and then i got to spend the night in their beautiful blue ridge yurt

and wake up with their sweet daughter who was quite anxious to go to the hospital and meet her new little brother (he had a fabulous birth, by the way)

this week i got to eat fresh nasturtiums picked from our garden-in-progress

i shared in tristan's wonder, spying on a couple of toads who like to hang out in the crawl space under our house. see them?

and this past week we received an awesome (and incredibly generous) gift of toadstools from a friend

most of all, this past week i got to appreciate life, love, and the beautiful place we call home

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