Tuesday, October 25, 2011

weekend update while feeling down

i am unwell with autumnal malaise, so have few words to share. but here are some photos from my weekend.

saturday morning at the charlottesville city market

after two and a half years of co-sleeping, tristan slept in his big boy bed for the first time this weekend. he ended up back in bed with us in the morning, but really, that is the best of both worlds!

we visited adventure farm again. it's so easy, five minutes down the road!

and a few bright moments in our own yard.

wishing you well as we move toward the great celebration of samhain. don't forget to take those immuno boosters!

1 comment:

ivey patton said...

roger on the autumnal blahs. however you’re pictures are a significant boost! osha root is my drug of choice these days and it’s a wonder...probably need to add some other immuno boosters too!