Monday, November 14, 2011

life is good

oven pancakes have been a favorite around here for years now. i have been using a recipe in a family cookbook.

recently i tried angry chicken's recipe. it has double the eggs, half the butter and is cooked in an iron skillet rather than a cake pan. it is more substantial and less, well, buttery. it also doesn't stick to the skillet as it often does the cake pan. mine didn't turn out puffy like hers, but i took it out of the oven ten minutes sooner as the edges were beginning to burn.

she recommended putting some lemon juice on the finished product. soooo good. i know blackberries are totally not in season. there was a special on them at the grocery store and i caved!

i am trying to head to the thrift store without having a wrestling match with tristan in order to get him dressed. in the mean time, i've told him to bring me his underwear and pants when he is ready. he is happily stuffing all manner of small toys and household items into a bag, his favorite activity lately. i suppose i might never get to the thrift store. but still, life is good.

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