Monday, June 18, 2012

circling the now

our first born is off to theater camp & family in wisconsin while our little guy is mastering the trike. 
summer is upon us, so very much is rich, ripe, and rippling. the bugs are particularly exotic this season but the blueberries are few. i have two tomato plants and a hot pepper plant in pots on the deck and have added in a few more herbs and flowers to the front garden-in-progress. i hope to continue with the slow-gardening effort. in the mean time our yard-gone-wild is full of yarrow, which i love. i would like to make many paths through micro-habitats in our yard. i am in awe of the tremendous beauty that is at my fingertips. summer was sudden though much anticipated. i'm finding myself struggling to get my bearings on shifting sands. i'm turning toward lists, intense emotions blurted out on what ever paper i can find, some dormant energy beginning to gurgle, a re-focusing. summer is so full of interruption, immersion, sudden journeys. trying to stay on my toes, not fall into somnambulance, yet wanting also to simply relax in the present as tristan circles his trike over and over on the driveway.


song of the selkie said...

zebra moth! and bunny nosed babies - even the sun, shyly peeking in thru trees, knows there's magic everywhere... nothing is ever ordinary <3

Barb said...

Love this: summer is so full of interruption, immersion, sudden journeys.

I can't tell you how many times I have tried to organize pictures into scrapbooks during the summer and just give up. Maybe this year...!