Thursday, December 13, 2012

gratitude by the dozen

12 things i'm grateful for on 12.12.12
(written yesterday, posted today!) 

1. good health, for myself and my family

2. a beautiful home in a beautiful place

3. creativity

4. my husband. he puts up with my moods, my petty desire to watch things like mad men and parenthood, my insecurities, and my endless seeking for self. he is the best co-parent on earth. and he is good, through and through.

5. my children. they make me proud. they make me laugh. they bring deepest beauty to each and every day. somehow, among six miscarriages, i managed to birth two children. i feel seriously blessed.

6. humanitarians, environmentalists,  pacifists. i know that's three but they are the people who will save us from ourselves.

7. teachers, mentors, spiritual guides. i know that's three more, but they all help us to evolve.

8. plants, all of them. except maybe poison ivy.

9. birds & animals: our cats, the squirrels chasing each other up the tree as i type, deer who pass through daily, bears who surprise us once in a while, fox who screech in our woods, supersized woodpeckers, bright cardinals & jays, robins, wrens, sparrows, hawks, the eastern bluebird, and owls. all wild life. except maybe ticks.

10. babies. with every single one, new hope is born.

11. music. and the dance. or the stillness that comes with it.

12. food. real food. local food. organic food. free range food. ethnic food. food that i make. food that others make for me. food that my friends grow. food that i fantasize about growing. food that we share. food that brings us together and keeps us alive.

when you are giving this year, remember to give thanks. happy december!

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Barb said...

beyond grateful, if there is heart space there, is the joy I feel simply knowing you.... thank you Zoe - for sharing all the beauty.