Wednesday, October 16, 2013

the faces of love

a little overwhelmed lately but also feeling so grateful for my full cup. it is amrita. 

there have been a fair amount of firsts this past month, including first homecoming. i feel really fortunate that i got to be chauffeur on this special night (i'm guessing it may be the first and last time i get to do that!). i now have a wish to put together a book of photographs of "teens preparing for the dance." there is so much to take in - excitement mixed with apprehension. shyness and glamour. stepping out of the family home. friendships deepening. 

such bright radiance 

among other firsts, my mother hosted a first big dinner in her new home. my cousin, who i have not seen since i was in grade school,  was visiting from florida with her husband. my mother has been here only two weeks, and is so well set up. i hope she'll relax soon!

and then just the autumn unfolding. tristan at play with his pals. cold mornings of warm oatmeal. and incredible october sunsets. not firsts, perhaps, but fresh.

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