Sunday, November 17, 2013

around the house and into the holidays

things have been beyond busy around here. when there are small late night breaks i find myself a bit comatose in front of a movie, book, or the internets. it seems we have all managed to lift away the seasonal blanket of malaise after a series of coughs, fevers, heavy heads, and sore throats. and so we turn toward the holidays and think about food, gifts, crafts, and road trips. mostly i can't believe how quickly the days are passing!

autumn days around the house are cozy

there was indeed a halloween with my teenage viking and shy pirate

aunt sue visited

yia yia showed us a great trail behind her housing community

i saw abby epstein, co-producer of the business of being born speak at 
the birth matters virginia award celebration. she was fantastic. 
and it was a beautiful day at the lewis ginter botanical gardens.

i've been slowly making things for the holiday market. i am overwhelmed by 
ideas and inspiration but seem to just keep making the things i know how to make best.

i've also been working a busy couple of days weekly, helping with order processing and social media content at a local crafty business called cardboard safari. "like" their facebook page for fun posts and new product updates by me! here is tristan's billy the bison:

the trophy heads are packaged kits that you slot together. dan has a bull and tashi, a rhino. there are a number of creatures to behold - including a unicorn - as well as wreaths, trees, and even an end table. it's a been a fun (and busy) place to spend some time and works out well with my doula schedule. 

as i write this post, tristan is pulling down the winter solstice books from the seasonal book shelf. as we enter the time of darkness we make sure to embrace all sources of light. may a steady flame warm your days this season!

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