Saturday, July 12, 2014


trees grow

love runs through roots
tumbling down craggy slopes
echoed through footfall         chasing love

honest, tattered, nurturing, beholden

web wearing its cape of dew
reminder of connections ~
our joints, our deals,
our hugs and nods

evaluating your quality of exchange:
healing wish in each handshake
pure light emanating from smile

filtering down through slacks or skirts or short shorts

the fallout of love

drumming the earth
threshing the fields
cultivating wildflowers
feeding the trees

bricks layed
while love pats the mortar
pouring over plans, punching the till
while love rattles keys in pocket

most evil deeds of the tortured soul
love languishing under rounds and rounds
of splintering

love feeds the trees
it courses through earth
it is primal protection animals uphold

who snaps the roots?
interrupts the stream?
poisons the bed?

what are acts of love
and acts of lack?

look at the trees
love spills from their summer branches
they are the earths arms


(full moon poem, july 11-12, 2014)

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