Wednesday, September 10, 2014

leaf turning

the blog posts have become so few and far between. 

i find that amidst processing photos and trying to come up with the right words, i sometimes spend several hours pouring over a single entry. those are hours i simply don’t have any more.

this blog has been a place to share my domestic world and my community. crafts with children. light filled corners of my home. baked goods fresh out of the oven. thrifting finds. play dates. travels and travails. the seasons. thoughts on the peacefulness, and sometimes the struggles, of a family life. 

but those long daunting and delicious days of parenting have diminished as my five year old boy comes home five days a week tired and titillated by kindergarten, and my sixteen year old girl curls up on the couch with her head deep in text books & online assignments & formulas & figures.

my job fulfills some of my creative inclinations. as product photographer i am learning things about light and settings and photoshop i've never had opportunity (or real interest) in prior. as social media coordinator i find myself stimulated by engaging content having to do with art, animals, conversation, and reuse. there is repeated opportunity to turn a phrase and bring my writing skills to the page. and if i am going to learn about marketing at least it is through an original and awesome product designed by artists

my doula work is something that keeps my heart open, involves me in the most nourishing aspects of life, and keeps my hands on the true pulse of creation. i am so grateful for and honored by each experience that comes my way in the realm of childbirth and healing work.

but how to make this blog an active creative outlet again? how to do it so it remains thoughtful and honest when days are so filled to the brim? perhaps some of what i have mentioned will work itself into themes, brief though the content may be. 

kids on two opposite ends of the school spectrum. a new career unfolding. continued healing and birth work. a secret reading series. trying to find peaceful moments in the tumult of activity. 

as the leaves  begin to change and the acorns knock, 
may a fresh perspective and tune ring out from these pages!

(all the photos but for the family photo were  conveniently taken with my phone!)

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