Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Fool Poem, Jon Collin Music, and a Video

Last fall I saw Jon Collin––a beautiful improv guitar artist––perform in a groovy vintage clothing store in Charlottesville. Hearing him live was an alchemical experience. I wrote a bit of a review here. The review is a kind of poem, too.

One spring evening I found myself listening to his recordings all night. His music brought the magic and l wrote a poem. While playing one of his pieces, I read my new poem, and recorded it. When I listened after, it seemed the words and the music fell together just right.

I received permission from him to share the poem with the music. His piece is called Smoke and Wind, from the album Water and Rock Music Volume 1. You can listen to it in its entirety here. Please do. And then listen to the rest of his music and then buy something.

As I continue to try to be bolder in 2018, I'd like to share this. I didn't want to post just a sound file however, so I looked for a video that might work. The video I came to is nine years old. It's a bit random but I think it works ok. 

So here it is, The Fool, set to Smoke and Wind by Jon Collin.

The Fool poem by Zoe Krylova set to Smoke and Wind music by Jon Collin from Zoe Krylova on Vimeo.

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