Thursday, June 29, 2006

from london heathrow airport

i am spending too much money on 15 minutes of computer time.

we boarded our flight from dulles airport yesterday evening, only to sit there for almost three hours. all take offs were "suspended" due to a storm on the horizon. no storm materialized, but i guess i should be glad that they are watching out for us. then when we got to london the flight had to circle around in figure eights for about 20 minutes until it got the all clear to land. the lines we had to stand in to get to our connecting flight were unbelievable. needless to say, we missed our connecting flight to cyprus. we are booked on the next flight which should be boarding shortly.

i have had two 30 minute cat naps but that is about it in over 24 hours. i'm dizzy. tashi would not sleep on the flight and was up for a good 24 hours herself. she's now crashed out on a bench. with my mom watching over her.

this airport is more like a shopping mall. a really expensive shopping mall. i never thought i would do such a thing, but i paid money to take a shower. after virginia humidity it was worth it. there are some fine showers in heathrow airport.

more soon from the next internet cafe!


Molly said...

Isn't travelling fun?! Stay safe, Zoe. I'm sending thoughts of soft, comfy bedding. May you and Tashi arrive there safe, sound and SOON!

suzanne said...

Travel safely!!!! Your bed and your sleep in it will be more wonderful than anything you've felt in recent memory!!!!!!