Friday, June 23, 2006

rain, rain, come our way

hello from hotsville.

all week the forecast has been building up to an expected rain. it was supposed to commence on saturday and then on friday, first around 5:00 then around noon. but when i got out of work today i thought to myself, it's friday, after five, the sky is a picture of tender blue serenity, and off i pedalled to the charlottesville pavilion to hear eric lindell from new orleans. well first i had to shop around a bit for the fambly in cyprus. must arrive bearing gifts. then i had a spinach salad at eppies. by the time i arrived at the pavilion mr. lindell was well into his set and took a break after two songs. it sounded good and i was looking forward to more.

then i noticed people looking up at the sky and cocking their heads and speaking to one another in ominous tones. just because there were dark clouds to the south, east and north didn't necessarily mean rain, did it? i mean, there were no dark clouds to the west, where the weather is born. i decided to ignore everyone's fretting until somone said loudly, "we're going to get slammed." i didn't want to ride home in a thunder storm or a torrential downpour so i hauled ass out of there and arrived home to the hum of thunder. and then some fat drops fell. but as i write, there is still nothing to say i could not have survived another set of mr. lindell.

oh well. the cats were hungry and yelling at me anyway.

and i think the big pyrotechnic sigh of relief is coming our way. i hope so. because i couldn't even sleep in our bedroom last night, so much like an attic in the sahara it was. are there any attics in the sahara? well mine is.

ok, well, i think i'm going to go sit on the deck in the slow drops of rain and watch the storm roll in. happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe! I guess you were on your way home when we saw you on Main St. last night. We were on the porch at Le Etoile when the storm hit. What a show!

I know what you mean about night before last. It was hot! and I was so restless. In my sleepy mind, I thought the flashes of heat lightning were a police car at the end of the block finally giving a ticket to one of the drivers who speeds down our street.

Otiscodisco said...

Funny you saw fat drops of rain: on Friday last week (6/30), huge, heavy rain drops were slapping down on the pavement outside my sliding glass doors, and I stood on the fire escape yelling to my landlord, "Look at the size of these raindrops!!" Then came the hail, and then the tornado in Cheektowaga, 6 miles from my home.