Saturday, December 30, 2006

five things you don't know about me

a meme.

i was tagged by britt. i'm not sure if these five things are supposed to follow a particular format, so i'm just going to wing it:

1) greek was my first language. after moving to the u.s. from cyprus (i turned four in transit), my mother stopped speaking greek to me and my memory of the language faded into nothing.

2) the house i spent most of my childhood in was at the end of a dirt road in rural pennsylvania. our property was separated from a golf course by a creek. golf balls used to land in our yard and in the creek all the time. i would collect those golf balls, shine them up, and go and sit on the golf course and sell them.

3) my senior year in high school, i was one of three girls awarded "life of the party." ahem.

4) for entertainment, i like to read novels by indian women and travelogues about india. for scholarship, i like to read poetry. the odyssey is my favorite classic.

5) the siamese cat i grew up with was named aphrodite. she used to sleep on my back every night. she died of heartbreak when i left for college. i sure miss her.

i have to add this in,

6) i didn't know what meme meant, until i looked it up.

i now tag ladyman, molly, fire escape gardener, deevee and linda diane.


Molly said...

Hey there, life of the party girl. We'll have to put that to the test soon. I promise not to dessicate the meal. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Zoe,
my first tag. I answered the questions on my blog,