Thursday, August 28, 2008


it's been raining heavily and constantly for about 24 hours. never before have i been so thrilled about cool, damp & dark days. i was beginning to get a summer version of seasonal affective disorder after so many weeks without rain. i love the dance of it on the roof, the beads of it on the windows, the grand puddles and wet grass. i love the relief from the heat, that the parched earth is drinking it in, gulp after gulp.

and tonight, obama. he's going to rock the house.


sulky said...

he really rocked it during the second half... i think he was playing catch up for the ones who haven't been listening all along (the pouty hillarettes - hey that sounds like a band name!) during the first part.

he endorsed nuclear energy... that's strike two after voting to allow immunity for the telecoms. well - he's going to get a letter from me, but he is still our best hope. i got all teary eyed during his wife's speech thinking she could easily be a young widow some day.

he had better be going to spank massive corporate mongrel butt and if so we are all going to have to help him do it. i hope he has alien technology for his body guards, he's going to need it.

obama is still my hero.

i could not stand listening to mcevil today, i only heard about five minutes before the npr coverage got swatted offfff the dashboard. not an honest man. not a good man. not a bad man, just sort of vile, lack luster and ineffectual with brutal hints of chaotic neutrality...

song of the selkie said...

that was me too, again!