Saturday, August 30, 2008

good mornin' sunshine

i've been trying to change my sleep habits, going to bed earlier instead of being such a night owl. but when i get myself into bed at a reasonable hour, i almost always have a restless night's sleep, and then wake up at some ungodly hour, and can't settle back down again.

the point for me is not early to bed, early to rise. it's early to bed so i can actually get eight or nine hours of sleep! but instead, i've been feeling even less rested.

today i woke up at 5:30am. that's after waking at midnight, and 2am, and. . . i am now trying to decide if i should just haul my sorry behind down to the farmer's market for its opening hour.

in the mean time, i like hearing the birds build their chorus. it is inspiring to see a new day dawn. if only the hours leading to this one had been spent in a solid sleep.

i guess i'm just adjusting.

6am full moon from kiptopeke state park


Gypsy Root said...

I can relate to this one...
By the way, hello...just came across your blog over at Journey Mama's...
Will definitely be back :)

sulky said...

my garsh, that's GORGEOUS!!!

song of the selkie said...