Thursday, February 18, 2010

february funk

yes, the february doldrums continue. you know you are in a bad state of mind when you are brought to tears because there is no coffee in the house and the cupcakes stuck to the pan.

i think i might try to finish out the february blog with photo entries. this will get me over the hump of not finding the words, and will help me to focus on the smaller moments. it may also inspire me to tidy a surface or rearrange a corner. nothing like renewal to boost your attitude.

for now, i leave you with a brief bit of adorable.


Sondra said...

A sweet boy and his rubber duckie.

patrice said...

how can you stand all that lusciousness?

also, February is close to over!


Megan said...

Truly, truly adorable. Love your photo on your header by the way.