Thursday, February 11, 2010

a new day. . . maybe

i am now ready for spring. i love me some dramatic weather. the snow is awesome. but the record for largest cumulative snowfall in virginia is now broken, and it's time to move on. power outages have their romantic side, but after another six hours of it yesterday, i found myself quite ready to be romantic with the lights on and the water running.

all of this is said knowing that our problems are like a grain of sand compared to the problems in haiti, and really we've got it good, so incredibly good.

have i mentioned how much i love our woodstove? i don't think i will ever be able to live without a woodstove again.

banana cupcakes, baked using dan's grandma's recipe, are also nice to have around, especially when you've managed to bake them between outages.

the new issues of the day are a car that won't start, we're guessing due to a failing alternator. and my back, which suddenly has decided to act as if it is having its 100th birthday. do you think the mechanics can fix that too?


Maria said...

Here here!! I've never been more ready for spring! Our pipes are frozen, again! We've run out of wood to burn (and we had A LOT of wood), and there is new snow on the ground! I want spring!!!

tifanie said...

oh geez. hang in there! :::