Monday, April 12, 2010

homemade monday: in which i begin my cottage industry

last week i mailed in my application to sell homemade blankets & bibs at the earlysville farmer's market. i may eventually work some other items in, but right now i'm hoping to have a least four blankets and a dozen bibs ready for market opening in a couple of weeks.

here is my first set.

the name of my wee business is windflower lane, to continue in the same vein as windflower botanicals and windflower doula service.

i'm in the midst of sewing a second blanket, and am trying to crank out the bibs when i can. it's great fun really, except for when i mess up. and mess up i do! the up side is that tristan gets to keep the "seconds", at least for now. . .

i'm trying to think of clever names for my sets. the above could be, rocket man. or, to the moon, alice. or, my other vehicle is a space ship.

just to give you an idea of my thought track lately!


Valerie 007 said...

3,2,1...Zoe is now blasting off !
Best of luck to you in your new endeavor. I think you'll do well as people appreciate handcrafted baby items. The set looks really cute.

Suzanne said...

go zoe! they look super cute!

Britt Bravo said...

Hey Zoe,

I'd like to sew and embroider some bibs like the one above for friend. Is it your own pattern, or can I find it somewhere.

Congratulations on starting your cottage industry!

Zoe said...


the instructions are in the book "bend the rules sewing" by amy karol. i highly recommend the book for all sorts of instructions, tips and sewing patterns. i use her bib pattern, but i also trace a small bib that i bought at target for a smaller size.