Wednesday, April 21, 2010

whoa. . . wednesday

life is going by so quickly. the flowering trees are weighty with ornament and too soon soft petals cover the ground. tristan and tashi are both transforming in ways that make our hearts, minds and eyes pop! tomorrow my father and his wife arrive on an amtrak train. warm weather pulls us to the four directions while the home remains a place of peace, play and production.

i have two more bib blanket sets. while i might curse or stamp my feet a bit while creating these, i am really enjoying this process. there are so many other things i want to sew these days, but i am on a mission right now with these.

i wanted to share and so had to settle for a few quick shots, the first taken in natural light and the second, not. i will have to experiment a bit to find the best photographs. the artificial light is definitely not it.

sea anemone

forest floor

i am loving fabric as a medium, working a pattern over and over again, striving to improve each time. it's kind of a meditation practice.

speaking of, i vowed i would do yoga each day, even if i have time for only one pose. and so it goes, at least one pose unfolds daily. it is subtle, and certainly not enough on a physical level. but emotionally, i can already feel how it improves.

yes, late late nights, like tonight. to ruminate. to work. to see the glassy stars and hear the forest life. to write. to read.

and days so completely full.

charged energy of spring change.

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