Tuesday, May 11, 2010

recent colorings

i hope everyone had a fabulous mother's day. unfortunately i came down with a nasty virus on the special day, and am still fighting it.

tristan tried his hand at coloring on mother's day. that was a special gift indeed.

tashi showered me with cards and hugs, while dan cooked the meals and gave me a very special bracelet. we did leave the house for a short while to check out a nearby craft festival. i'm glad we went, but i think i returned home just a bit more ill than i had been before we left.

my little business has had a great start. out of the eight bib & blanket sets i've made thus far, seven have sold. i'm not sure i'll ever be able to open the etsy shop, as i can't seem to keep them in stock long enough! if i could sew a couple of blankets a day, i'd be able to build up my stock. as it is, i'm lucky if i manage to sew one blanket every couple of days. hopefully i will become more efficient with practice.

it's a rainy day here today, much needed i think. tristan is eating lunch as i type. he is a very good eater, i might add. i can't seem to keep up with him. today when i said, i love you to him, he returned the phrase, in a sort of sing-song chain of tones. another amazing mother's day gift!

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Velerie 007 said...

Congrats on the blankie sales. Not selling on Etsy may be a blessing as you don't need to worry about paypal and shipping. Feel better soon !