Monday, May 03, 2010

breezy update

oh it has been so very long!

dear blog, i think of you often, yet you are not page turning with events of late:

a visit from my father and his wife, shirley.

sharing our corner of the forest. winding country drive followed by antique mall. short walks in the thicket. downtown excursions: fridays after five, farmer's market, tashi's soccer game, dinner & lunch & shops.

and april 26, the shared birthday of both dan and my dad. how likely is that? chicken lasagne. chocolate cake with mocha buttercream.

work whorled on and then the thursday farmer's market arrived. first time sitting it. first time peddling my wares.

having a taste of that much desired gypsy artisan at-the-faire life. yes. and the wonderful online response that followed.

and then a double birthday party for two of tashi's friends, on the downtown mall, watching our 12 year olds find some independence.

our growing tristan wanting to climb stairs, eat petals, clap, push trucks, watch music and scramble out of any open door.

more soccer, clovers, cute dogs, and victories. many babies at a dear doula's fairwell. watching small ones interact and hearing snippets of stories: birth, music, milk, sleep, diapers.

and sewing. and watching tashi create. the two of us to sit together at the market, with tristan toddling. the two of us. cutting fabric. tracing patterns. picking combinations. and always, always trying to perfect the stitch.

and thinking about poetry. and capturing the pictures.

in the season of thunderstorms and perspiration.

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tifanie said...

wow. love all of it. :::