Sunday, August 01, 2010

august has arrived

ah, august. the month in which i was born. a month of alchemy, of beginnings and of endings. august harvest. august heat. august sky. i love august, but it does bring with it the concerns of seasons to come. there is also anticipation, as we ramp up for the activities of autumn.

today was a fine first day of august. it began with a breakfast of potato kasha pilaf and eggs, a recipe from feeding the whole family. it continued with second breakfast: peach blueberry clafoutis. it was my first clafoutis, and quite delicious i must admit. while traditionally made with cherries, it is simple enough to substitute other fruits.

evening rode in with a delicious indian spiced tomato okra stew. i picked up a pound of organic okra nearly a week ago from the tuesday farmer's market and it was still as fresh as it was when i bought it. even the baby asked for more!

it has been a remarkably cool weekend and we've spent a good amount of it outside, from the farmer's market, to a swim at mint springs, visiting friends assembling a yurt and spending an afternoon following my babe around the yard. it is so fun to explore the world with a little guy who now walks. a respectable amount of time was also spent playing with dirt. . .

and scooting about on four wheels.

may august be your gateway into a season of fruition.

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