Friday, December 17, 2010

merry scenes

we are so thrilled that it snowed. there is nothing like a sparkling layer of magical snow to boost one's holiday spirits. tashi's break from school started two days early due to closures. the solstice house cleaning has commenced, with some baking and the tiniest bit of making thrown in. it is not much of a handmade holiday this year, but we do still have a week until christmas don't we?!

tristan is obviously much more involved in everything this year. he can flop in the snow. open the doors of the advent calendar. pull ornaments from the tree and run with them. he can ask to hold each and every (lit) candle. it has been so much fun seeing his wonder unfold.

if you are wondering where our lovely tashi is in most of these photos, she's either out socializing with her friends, head down with mounds of homework, or holed up in her room listening to the beatles. or perhaps she is hiding behind the scenes after dressing her brother up in her sweaters. our almost 13 year old has a blossoming world of her own, but she is still so very loving.

what is on the agenda for today? lots of cooking. . . one cannot live on fudge alone!

may you find the magic in the smallest of things this solstice season.

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