Monday, August 08, 2011

and away we go into august

i can't believe it's been a month since my last blog entry. apparently it was a full month. a trip to the midwest, friends visiting from afar, a visit from my mother, and a long weekend at a wonderful virginia music festival are a few of the events we squeezed into july.

we've been wanting to go to floydfest since our first summer in virginia and we finally made it happen. once we got over the initial challenge of finding camping space and setting up camp (on a day with temps in the high 90's), we had a blissful time! we ended up camping with some friends that had the sweetest set up you can imagine, tarps artfully arranged for maximum shade, a kitchen area and even a shower surrounded by a dressing room. it was not easy sleeping on a slope every night, or avoiding the poison ivy that crept all about the camping area, but the music, the parades, the creative vendors, the delicious food, the drum circles, the camaraderie and the happy memories made it all worthwhile. we think this will probably become a summer tradition.


Danny said...

Hooray for fire-breathing dragons!

Danny said...

... and nieces and nephews!

Danny said...

....and sisters and brothers!