Sunday, August 14, 2011

the other day

every once in a while, when tristan is refusing to nap, i load him into the car and take a drive. i love all the dirt roads and barns and pastures and elegant homes and small bungalows and plants and the ever changing face of the blue ridge mountains.

and every once in a while a big storm rolls in and that is wonderful too.

the other day a black bear lumbered through our yard. he walked right by me, standing on the deck, gazed up at me without a care. i am still amazed.

our little friend hudson was over the other day with his sister and mama. tristan so very badly wanted to hold him and sit next to him and breath in his special baby scent. it was bittersweet seeing my baby want to be the big guy. tashi started asking for a sibling when she was four. seven years and five miscarriages later her baby brother finally arrived. seeing tristan want to be so close to hudson made me wonder when he might start asking for a little sibling. i felt some sadness knowing that he is the last little in our family.

i've been wanting to try my hand at refashioning and/or embellishing old clothing. i was going through some old fabric scraps the other day and came across a torn but pretty scarf. i used it to add sleeves to a dark linen shirt that i never wear, and lined the collar with it. it's a little goofy. maybe a lot goofy. i should have removed the dark short sleeves from the shirt, but i was a lazy and in a hurry. i'm glad i finally gave it a try though. it opened the door to what i expect will be a long line of experimenting with fabric scraps and old clothes.

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