Thursday, September 01, 2011

shiftings, blessings

another aftershock has jolted me awake so i thought i'd take advantage of this quiet time before the quaking toddler rises! at this point it seems that at least 20 aftershocks have followed last week's 5.8 temblor that shook most of the east coast all the way to michigan. i have developed a small obsession with the phenomenon, i think especially out of concern for the safety of the nuclear power plant that sits just miles from the epicenter, and just miles from us. i am, without a doubt, spooked.

aside from the earth shifting, the year has shifted into school mode and the sensations of an impending autumn.

my beautiful girl has started her eighth grade year at the charlottesville waldorf school, her last year at this school that has fueled her creativity and her intellect.

the first day started with the rose ceremony, where each eighth grader handed each first grader a rose. so lovely.

it's hard to believe that in a year tashi will be headed for high school, at the same time that we will very likely enroll tristan in preschool.

now that i am working from home even more, and tashi is no longer here to help entertain tristan, i am trying to find a new structure and rhythm. i would like to fill our each morning with activities that make tristan thrive, and prevent me from constantly wandering over to the computer to check the latest email missive or facebook update or weather report or aftershock magnitude! i am not fantastic at keeping self imposed schedules, but perhaps we will attempt to have some daily themes that include earth activities, baking, painting and crafts. i continue to be inspired by amanda soule's blog and books, her latest being the rhythm of family which landed in my hands on my birthday.

and what a fine birthday it was. it included tristan's very first paintings:

some cherished handmade gifts from tashi:

and so much thoughtfulness from dan, who treated me to a ben chasny concert, a bloody mary brunch, some fine dining, a fabulous cake and several special gifts.

i am truly blessed!

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Valerie 007 said...

Glad you had a wonderful birthday : )