Friday, September 30, 2011

that which generates warmth

french lentil soup with roasted carrots and onions from love soup by anna thomas.

eating together. and chili, the good old fashioned recipe from betty crocker.

a lap quilt i made for my mom for her 80th birthday.

when i asked her what she wanted she asked that i sew her something simple. it was definitely more simple than my first, which took me months to complete because i was so intimidated by the thought of making a quilt at all, a quilt i could work on only in the wee hours, when tashi was in bed.

for my mom's, i set my own personal aesthetic aside and chose floral patterns and colors that i knew would match her apartment. it was fun and i'm pleased with the result. it took me about four days to work on it, during tristan's naps or after he was in bed. i hope she feels the love that i sewed into it!

yes, my mother is 80! she has had many adventures in her lifetime, and has traveled the world. her love for life runs deep and her heart is huge. most importantly, she is in very good health. may there be many more birthday celebrations ahead to bestow upon her the simple things she wishes for.

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