Saturday, March 31, 2012

mamas overnight

a week ago i was sleeping in a luxury hotel in roanoke.

i don't seem to get away much these days, and so spending the night in a historic hotel 130 miles away from home was quite exotic.

my quick glimpse of roanoke further instilled in me a fascination of this place called virginia. a combination of historic brick and contemporary angles, of mountain greenery and urban decay, of old railroad and new overpass, it seems a town whose creativity is energized by its roots.

tashi, who wows me with her talent on violin, made the cut for a junior regional orchestra. she, her close friends, and several other students from the charlottesville waldorf school, met with other talented musicians from all over central virginia, to rehearse for twelve hours and then put on a stellar performance. what an amazing reason to spend the night in a new town!

so i got to have a bit of girls weekend with my friend and our daughters, eating some tasty fresh food, admiring vintage architecture, visiting an art museum, a farmer's market, some shops and a salvage yard.

our short stay culminated with the performances of junior regional orchestras a & b, which were top class. wonderful powerful.

i am so proud of my girl, and feel so lucky that she now has a turn at leading us elsewhere.

i mean, it's been an elsewhere since her birth. our new baby, our new life as parents, it never gets old. but now her talents are forging the way. may it continue!


Blossom Dawes said...

Thanks for sharing your mini-vacation adventure in Roanoke. The hotel looks amazing!
Magical Tashi leads the way~

Danny Deertoes said...

Yay Tashi!

tifanie said...

wow. looks like a phenomenal trip/experience!