Thursday, May 17, 2012

toward transition

the days unfold. i have few words. we are busy, i am busy, tristan is busy. i have few words because he pulls them out of me all day long. one question tumbles after another. my own observations skitter like grain on the floor as i am called to all that fascinates him. he is my overtime jester. my every gesture. a graduate course in spontaneity and diplomacy.

simultaneously i'm experiencing that dread transition that begs the question, who knows where the time goes? late at night, i consider the passing of years. the change upon us. the moments, the chapters, the much too muchness in so little time.

tashi is graduating from waldorf school in three weeks and no matter how much i might want to, there is no putting the brakes on it. 

she has been in the waldorf system since preschool. 

i blink beautiful wet on wet watercolors. 

as she sprints toward a transition to high school i try not to slip backwards. 

the rough & tumble four year old who galloped into preschool with eager joy is now a young lady, our bright & thoughtful beauty looking forward to expanded horizons.

there is a sadness i'm keeping at bay, for certain, as she moves out of such an ideal haven for learning. 

and while i mourn the fact that all her school artwork and self made text books are haphazardly stored in milk crates and failing portfolios and dank boxes that have lived in basements, garages and crawl spaces, i must remind myself that really it's all in her. a solid crystalline foundation rises within her to greet the new dawn.

i wish this was a more dynamic video, but it's one of my favorite songs by sandy denny and fairport convention:

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