Saturday, November 10, 2012

election digestion

these days

a historic hurricane ~ 
yet another reminder of the coming of the future

super storm: the rapture
it will all lead to elsewhere

coming together to help one another survive

then an election.

a day of single pointed focus. a day of extreme stress and massive hope.

i was expecting delays, recounts, voter fraud, corrupted electronic machines. but before midnight we learned that our president was re-elect. a collective sigh: relief and despair. it was a close election.
but my sigh was of relief.

our president has a broad net of compassion; his decency is apparent. he has wisdom in relations -- international and environmental. he appears to be sane. he is a global child, an intelligent representative.  he is a fantastic orator, with a terrific sense of humor, and a disarming smile. he is likable.

he is not everything to everyone. some think he is radical to an extreme, and others, not radical much. i am mostly with the others. though i do think he holds a radical place in history. thus far he has been a man of the middle way, which is sometimes not enough. but i prefer the middle way to far right leanings.

i breathe easier today knowing it is he at the helm, though the ship itself has many weaknesses.  

and there is so much on the shores, and in the center margins, that exists unattended in the wake.

i hope that the masses will come together to work for a better good, and that he will enable, not obstruct.

i hope that all roads will lead to a healthier people and planet. 

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