Sunday, November 18, 2012

handmade holidays: tiny trinkets tote (and time with mad men)

i had a big chunk of time to myself yesterday, much of which was spent in frustration as i prepared for the holiday market, and encountered a number of sewing glitches. so i decided to stop preparing for market. i set my mind to what i would like to make for my loves this yule season, and decided it was time to try something new. 

this is the tiny trinkets travel tote, the tutorial for which i found via pinterest.

when i look at the photos i think to myself that it didn't turn out half bad. but i made a couple of changes to the instructions that i wish i hadn't. for some reason i thought the bag itself would need more reinforcement, so i used an additional layer of fabric, a stiff cotton, between the inner and outer fabrics. but naturally, it made for a somewhat stiff bag, and i think it would have been better, easier to open and close, and even a bit more roomy, had i not used that additional layer. 

i also wish i'd made the pond smaller, and added another branch to the road. but alas, it really was a small palette to work with. if i make another, and i just might, i think i will make it bigger.

but really, isn't it fun? i think tristan might like it! he loves to cart around little cars and objects. every time we go somewhere, he has to bring a new pile of small things into the car. 

also different from the instructions, i wove two ribbons through, so you can pull them from opposite sides of the bag, to cinch it closed. i will probably replace the ribbon i strung through with something a bit stronger. 

i'd like to make a bag with a farm scene on it. some sort of pop up pasture fencing. or a tree? a bench? there are many possibilities!

i will probably have to wait until after the holidays to show all the handmade things (right now i am optimistic that there will be more!), but since tristan doesn't read the blog, i'm safe!

while i tidied the house, ate some dinner, and made this bag, i watched mad men. all three episodes on the latest netflix disk! yes, a guilty pleasure. i find the show fascinating, depressing, and addictive. we don't have cable, so when i do watch a tv series, its often years after its release. not that i've watched many. . .

and so, being a little tv trivial here, if you lived in the 50's which mad woman would you be? 

if you are not sure, you can get some help here! i ended up being someone i haven't met yet (i even tried twice), and so, was faced with some spoilers. on the third try (why not?) i landed midge. ah, yes, the strong, independent, counterculture, beatnik woman. i'll take her. though, likely, deep down inside, she is quite heart broken. . .  

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